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Article - Terms of Use of Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide AG (BAL)

1. Use of Arena
Payment is charged for the use of the entire Arena (shooting range, roller-ski track, cross-country track). If BAL courses are attended, the usage fee during the course period is included in the offer price. The Arena may only be used by prior appointment and with the express consent of BAL. Detailed information is provided on the website at biathlonarena.ch.

Guests have to be instructed on the use of the Are-na by authorised employees of BAL. No training activities may start without such instruction.

Users of the Arena have to follow the directives and instructions of BAL’s employees.

The control centre may only be entered in the company of an authorised BAL employee.

2. Return of Arena
After using the Arena, everything has to be re-turned properly and in an impeccable condition to BAL.

Damage, malfunctions and special incidents must be notified to BAL without delay.

3. Vehicle access I parking spaces

Vehicle access to the training facility is prohibited. The public parking spaces for which a fee is charged must be used.

4. Shooting range
Shooting without supervision is generally prohibited. 

The shooting range supervisor is responsible for compliance with the safety regulations in general and for the safe handling of firearms.

All other provisions follow the Rules of the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

5. Weapons I ammunition
The safe and responsible handling of weapons and ammunition is a condition for the use of the Arena by all athletes and guests.

Each individual athlete and guest is responsible for their own weapon and for the weapon that is used in the Arena.

Only the following sporting ammunition (lead bullets) may be used in the Arena:

  •     .177 calibre / 4.5 mm for airguns
  •     .22 LR calibre / 5.6 mm for small-calibre weapons

It is prohibited to use steel, round, pointed or ex-panding bullets as well as high-speed ammunition.

At the Arena, the weapon must always be stored in a closed weapons transport container that can be locked. The House Rules apply to the handling of weapons at Nordic House.

All other provisions follow the Rules of the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

6. Roller-ski track I cross-country track
It is obligatory to wear a helmet on the roller-ski track.

The runs may only be used with the consent of the competent trainer by athletes and guests who have mastered roller skiing/skiing.

The direction of movement (arrow) must be observed. It is not permitted to remain standing on the track. If necessary, the track must be exited to the side.

The track is blocked when the sweeper/track setter is in use on the roller-ski or cross-country tracks. This is indicated by a clearly visible sign.

7. Option dates
The GTC of BAL apply.

8. Terms of payment
Unless indicated otherwise, the amount owed for the offer can be paid on departure in cash (CHF and EUR) or by Maestro, VISA, Diners or Mastercard.

9. Cancellations I failure to show up
BAL must be informed in writing of changes to or cancellation of a booking. The date of receipt of the notice of change or cancellation by BAL determines the calculation of the fees. 

If a booking is cancelled or changed, BAL shall charge the following percentage of the offer price:

  • 29 to 14 days before arrival     50%
  • 13 to 6 days before arrival       80%
  • From 5 days before arrival
    or if guest fails to show up    100%

10.    Liability
The Arena is used at guests’ own risk. 

Arena users are responsible for their own insurance cover.

Violations of these Terms of Use can be sanctioned by prohibiting the person concerned from training and using the facilities.

Swiss law applies exclusively to BAL’s Terms of Use. The place of jurisdiction is Vaz/Obervaz, Switzer-land.

Lenzerheide, 26 December 2018


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